Amazing guitar learning app! Slow down riffs, remove vocals, print tabs, really learn how to play!

RiffMasterProoThere’s a lot of guitar learning apps out there, but I wouldn’t give the Demonic Sweaters seal of approval to many of them. However, RiffMaster Pro is one that really offers a TON of features, and I really do think this would help just about anyone learn how to play guitar!

It has so many features it’s pretty insane. You can slow down any piece of music WITHOUT changing the pitch. This way you can learn the part note by note easily. You can loop any section of the song over and over. You can zoom in and view the detailed waveform of any song. This allows you to pinpoint the exact section you want to work on, slow it down, loop it and practice. You can transcribe tabs of any music. It also allows you to remove the vocal track from existing songs! That’s pretty amazing, you can take out the vocal to hear what’s going on behind it!

You can download the trial for free and it will work on Mac, PC as well as iOS!

They also give you some really useful stuff in addition to the software like chord books, blank tab, chord and music sheets for printing, advice on how to buy a guitar online, free jam mp3s (music you can play along with) Really all and all this is a great package and they’ve done an amazing job putting all this together.

If you’re wanting to get started learning guitar, or getting better now, check this out!