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A lot of electronic musicians and synth enthusiasts have been following the soon to be reissued Arp Odyssey by Korg and when it was finally unveiled there was one thing that has a lot of musicians a little peeved at Korg: Mini-keys!

Yeah, I’m not sure this was a great idea either. I mean the Arp Odyssey is supposed to be a flagship analog synth. You’d never see mini-keys on a Moog Sub 37. For something with a $1000 price tag, that really doesn’t seem so cool. Personally I have small hands, so mini-keys don’t bother me too much. That being said, the ones on my Micro Korg feel pretty cheap to me and I hope the ones on the Odyssey are not the same.

Everything else looks pretty great on this beast, and I’m sure the sound will be incredible. I just can’t help but think this is going to hurt Korg a bit, who is a company who has been on a pretty good roll as late. The comments section on Sonic State is like an angry mob hate fest! Not sure who made this decision.

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