Tama Imperialstar Review – A lot of bang for your buck!

I picked up a Tama Imperialstar in 2015 because it was a good price and the drum kit I was using at the time had been on several tours and was starting to fall apart. I first got the “Bop” configuration which had the tiny 18″ kick. It sounded really good actually for it’s size, but I wanted something a little boomier, so I picked a 20″ matching kick. So my configuration isn’t exactly like the packaged one above as far as sizes, but the shell construction, hardware, and wood, and finish are all the same.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Imperialstar is it’s sharp attack. This works really well in modern music and makes the drums cut though the mix. The kick drum especially has a really good tone that’s musical, and deep sounding. Shell construction is top notch. If you take the heads off the shells and look inside, you can see the bearing edges are cut with utmost precision. The lugs on the shells are low-mass which gives the wood more room to breath and sustain. The toms have a deep and long sustain.

Mounting hardware is flexible and very sturdy. I can’t see ever having a problem with it. At one point I put a suspension mount on mine, but actually thought it sounded better before, so I set it back to original. The bass drum spurs are exactly how they should be, nothing slides and you have a strong anchor to the carpet when you play.

When you get the drums new, I recommend taking the top tom heads and putting them on the bottoms, then getting new top heads. The snare and kick heads are pretty good stock, but you may want to add a remo falam slam on the kick batter to prolong it’s life.

I’ve used this drum set on two albums now and many YouTube videos, I’ve posted one below. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, click here!

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