The Epiphone Les Paul SL Is One Cool Retro Axe That Costs Next To Nothing

I have been seeing these at guitar center recently, and I have got to say that I really love this student model guitar! Epiphone makes some amazingly cool products for barely any money with some pretty impressive build quality.

What I really love about this thing is the extremely retro look, kinda like the old Melody Makers of the 1950s. To top it off they come in several amazing looking finishes.

They feature a poplar body with a mahogany neck, two single coil pickups, and 1000 points of cool!

They’re only $119 brand new, or $179 with a gig bag, mini amp, cable, and accessories, making it a perfect guitar for learning, or even for those that just want a cool looking Epiphone to add to their guitar collection!