Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Complete List Of Drum Sounds and Missing Manual

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set is probably the best electronic kit for the money, but the manual is strangely missing a lot of information, like the complete list of drum sounds included in the drum module.

In truth the drum module was designed by a company called Medeli and is internally exactly like their DD512 module. I’ve made it easy for those of you looking for the full drum kit list and you can see them below. As well as the full manual here for download.

70 thoughts on “Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Complete List Of Drum Sounds and Missing Manual

  1. Randy

    You’ve been a big help, seen a couple of your videos that have helped me of some issues. Purchased this same kit last weekend.

      1. tololo

        hi buddy, im trying to buy this same kit, can you help me?i need to know the measurement of the longest rack pole, so i can see if it can fit in my bag, thanks!

    1. Dermot

      Is it me or is the link to the manual, just the normal 40 page Nitro Mesh one, not the Medeli mega manual?

      1. brokeRasputin

        The manual that came with my Alesis Nitro Mesh (Red version, in case that’s of any importance) had only 9 pages to the manual versus the 27 of full out instructions that D.S. so kindly shared.

        Keep in mind the PDF version of owner’s manual that I downloaded from Alesis website is 40pages but only 9 of them are in English, with other languages reiterating the same detail. The ‘missing manual’ goes way into depth about MIDI and double triggering for the snare and tom pads stated here:

        “Snare, tom are stereo input, support double triggering (increase edge triggering); crash1, crash2 are stereo input, which support choke; ride, kick, hi-hat are mono input, which can’t response edge triggering. Hi-hat control pedal is stereo input.”

        A wealth of info to pour over in this more robust version. Thanks Demonic Sweaters!

  2. Scott Gloede

    I just bought this kit about three months ago. I am really enjoying playing on it and your videos are excellent and have really helped me get to know the possibilities of this kit. I am older and played professionally for over 15 years. That was until a few years ago when I gave up playing. Part of that reason was because I moved into an apartment and couldn’t practice but with this kit I can. My question is on how to do give virtual drum lessons using the Alesis Nitro and a Chromebook. I have a Simmons drum amp but I wasn’t sure whether or not I could plug into the Chromebook or use a web camera. Anyway thanks for the excellent videos and keep up the great work!

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      Glad to be of service! As far as I know chromebooks allow you to use USB audio interfaces such as this one and you could use that for the audio and the webcam on the Chomebook. I’m not sure what the options are as far as video (if that’s what you were thinking) chat since I haven’t used Chrome OS in a long time. If you wanted to have a mic going at the same time, maybe just get a little mixer with USB like this one.

  3. Yeron Myfoot

    Demonic Sweater Drummer Dude- first off, a really big thank you for making some of the best instructional videos for the Alesis Nitro kit. I knew the kit had potential, but it was a bit like sitting in a really great car not knowing where the ignition switch was so… Muchas Gracias. Really appreciated the silent kitty cat striker ball thing. And I’ll start to mess with your angle iron stops for the bass drum pad. That sucker slides. I do not have a riser to screw the stops into, but you’ve given me some ideas. Nice drum chops, BTW. OK more – thank you for the number/voice guide you found for all of us. That’s like the Rhosetta Stone for this whole kit. You provided it- they didn’t , so dude, thank you. OK- if I were to make a request it would be just for more videos on further instructions on the most frequently used tools in the module. I’m thinking Record yourself to a song, record yourself when practicing chops (without the song) metronome practice, copy cat lesson stuff. If you already covered all that stuff, sorry. I will not sleep in class. I will not sleep in class. I will … can I stop now? Having more module lessons going over the next basics would be great. In the mean time Demonic Sweater Drummer Dude, thank you again!

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      Hey, I’m glad you find all of this helpful! Also, there’s some really great ideas in your comment for new videos. I’ll definitely be using some of those. So thanks!

  4. Ron

    I don’t know how the hell you found this but thanks for sharing it. Great videos. I think you are helping a lot of us old schoolers over a hump into all this fun. Thanks!

  5. Angel Sanz

    Hello There, How are you ? thanks for all this information, really appreciate that.

    I have only one question. It’s possible to use the soundbanks from Ezdrummer with only the USB connection ?

  6. Amy Gladney

    Regarding the ‘Play Along Tracks’…I’m looking for the “sheet music” of the play along tracks included with the Nitro Mesh module, Is that available somewhere?

    1. Rob Starkey

      I found this site looking for the drum score too! Finding the manual here was great – and after a few attempts I found the right contact at Medeli to get the drum score (that the manual recommends using !). Write to (or find the Contact link on their Hong Kong head office home page). I asked for the DD 512 drum score two days ago and it was e-mailed to me yesterday 🙂

  7. Hannes

    Thanks for making the effort to share knowledge!

    Can you please share some of your favorite custom kit settings, all settings (Vol, reverb, voice etc.) if possible.

  8. Kim Hamilton

    Thanks for the great information ! The manual is great !

    I just updated our kit for church, to the Alesis Surge/Nitro module. (replace an old DM4 module) I have a Roland FD-7 pedal that doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any experience with that ? I went ahead and ordered an Alesis DMHat pedal as I assume this will work fine.
    Thank again!

  9. manish kakatkar

    I am an Indian want to purchase the drum kit pls guude whether to buy carlsbro 210 kit or alesis nitro mesh kit.

    I ecxpect your prompt reply

  10. Demized

    Great content on YouTube. question: can the Alesis nitro mesh kit Rack be mounted on lets say a Pear or Gebralta Cage rack? Also Can you do a video using Double Bass pedals without using the hi-hat pedal a as a replacement for the second drum kick? would love to see the progression when it comes to the actual double bass kick on that small kick drum head. thank you!

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      You SHOULD be able to use a Gibraltar rack, but I’ve never tried it, but I don’t see why not. As far as the double kick, it really kinda sucks, which is why I don’t do it. Technically yes it’ll fit, but the sensitivity is too low since you can’t strike in the middle of the pad and it results in a lot of mistriggering.

  11. Mark LaFlamme

    Can’t tell you how much these pages helped me out. I just got the Nitro Mesh two days ago after setting it up, I was ready to break it all down again and stuff it back into its zillion boxes. Mainly that’s because the included guide offered very little help in getting around the monitor. I had seen a few of your videos (which are fantastic, obviously) and remembered you had mentioned a better guide. As someone mentioned above, it was like stumbling onto the Alesis Rosetta Stone. It’s plain crazy how they skimped out on the manual when this one is so detailed and easy to follow. Seems like Alesis ought to put you on the payroll since you’ve kept so many of their customers from ambling unhappily in the dark. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Miguel

    Hi i have a question how can i make a drum cover? i have seen your video that explained how to do that but the thing is that if i put the song in audacity and start recording the drums audacity will record the two things at the same time i dont know if im making myself clear hahah but it records the drumming and the song too. Can you please explain with more details how to make a drum cover please? i really appreciate that

  13. Steve

    I’m 60 yo and haven’t played drums since in my 20’s. Wanted to get back into and thought now was the perfect time, since my PT business is temp. on hold. Since researching electronic sets the last few weeks, have watched your videos and really liked. I purchased the Nitro Mesh set but have not picked up yet since reading negative comments on Alesis durability…….module sound etc. Now I’m hesitant. Just want a decent, fairly inexpensive set that will last. Want this set to be the only one I buy. Can spend more if necessary ( up to 700’s ). I’d appreciate any advice…….is the Alesis Command worth the extra $…… the Roland TD-1K better?……..others?

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      Well the Nitro is the only electronic set I’ve ever owned, with the exception of the one I made myself about 10 years ago. I’ve had no issues with it and had it for a year now.

  14. Bam Romero

    I have an Alesis Nitro set and my landlord that complains about noise , so I built a sound proofing drum riser to soften the noise . Still complains. So I have the Roland FD-9 and with an adapter it only has one sound ? I just found your videos and really looking forward on learning and enjoying them ! Much appreciated and thank you ??

  15. Neil

    Hi, I have a Nitro Mesh Kit and I am having a problem with my kick drum. When I step on the pedal, the mallet hits the drum, the light for kick drum lights up, but the sound out of the speaker is very low. I have turned up the volume to as high as I can both to the kick drum and to the whole kit, but the kick drum sound doesn’t follow the same volume as the rest of the kit. However, when I push the kick drum button on the console, it sounds loud, like it should be. Do you know what might be the problem? Thanks!!

    1. Rob Starkey

      Hopefully you already solved this – but I had the same problem and it’s the headphones – apple headphones with the integrated microphone cause the kick drum issue. The drum sounds the same on the module and the kick itself using my son’s over-ear gaming headphones with a dedicated headphone cable.

  16. Bryan

    First, absolutely great content. I’m so glad I found you on YouTube. I have an Alesis Nitro kit and have never been truly happy with the sound.

    My question is, would you consider selling your custom kits? Would be great to be able to see a complete breakdown of how you have each kit setup. One of my favorites so far has been #36. Looking for an 80’s hard rock sound (ie. Motley Crue).

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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  18. rados

    Dude, this is so awesome!
    Thank you for posting these details.
    Do you also have a list for songs included in the kit?

  19. Frank

    Hey thanks for all these videos, I stumbled across your site looking for the answer to a question.
    I’m new to drumming and have a nitro mesh kit.
    My teacher asked me to find the “snares off” drum for the no 1 acoustic kit.
    Can you help me please?

      1. Frank

        Thank you! I’ll give that a go. Any particular high Tom from another kit that would suit the standard no 1 kit? My ear doesn’t know what to look for yet.

  20. Joe

    Hello DS, I just found your site while looking for electronic drums to purchase for my 13 y/o
    son/s (twins). they want to learn to play Van Halen (Hagar days) do you know if its possible to recreate (within reason) the sound of VH with this kit? can the turbo mesh do it? or is it better to just get the one you use? also how many drums can be added/expandability to your kit? thank you for your help and input as I know nothing and I am in research mode and looking to purchase one like yesterday – want to sell me yours lol – are used even worth it if I can find any? your site is awesome very knowledgeable & informative so thank you for all you do.. I really hope you can help answer my questions – ill wait for a bit to purchase in hopes of a reply.. Thank you again.. Joe T – LI, NY

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      I do not think the Turbo Mesh allows you to create custom kits, but the Nitro does, and there’s definitely some VH-ish sounding toms and things in there. So I would get either a Nitro or a Surge. The Nitro and The Surge both have the same module which has two expansion ports, but all the toms and snare on the Surge are dual zone, meaning you can get two sounds out of each drum. The Nitro only the snare is dual zone (though the module is the same and you could upgrade to dual zone pads on the Nitro). You can find them used from time to time, but make sure it’s functioning correctly if you do.

      1. Joe T

        Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, it is very kind of you I truly appreciate it – based on your answers I will definitely go with the nitro mesh :).. thanks again DS happy drumming – Joe T

      2. Michael DJ

        Hi, I just saw this video and man the sound you’ve produced has blown me away. How did you do it?? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out and hear the sounds I wanted. Im not sure if it’s the speakers I am using , or I just suck at it.

        Hope you could share with me the complete sound set-up you used in this video, or atleast just some of it.

        Your help would be very much appreciated.

        Thank you. Hope to talk soon.

        1. DemonicSweaters Post author

          Keys to good kits, 1. turn down the hi hats, 2. pick complementary sounds.
          How do you know what is complementary? Maybe it comes with experience, but if you play the full kit and something sounds out of place, then it’s not complementary.

  21. Aaron

    Hello DS, Thank you for all you videos however, I am a totally beginner in drums and I don’t fully understand what the drum instruments lists above indicates. I am wondering if you could answer what I am looking for, basically I have 2 questions in alesis nitro mesh kit..

    1. Is it possible for a cymbal/hi-hat choke?
    2. I am planning to use Repear with MT-PowerDrumkit to record, is it possible to apply dual zones from my alesis on that too?

    I really hope you can answer my questions. Thanks a lot!

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      The list is all of the individual drum sounds available inside the module. You can’t choke the hi hat (though I’m not sure why you would ever want to) you can just press the hi hat pedal 🙂
      I know nothing about MT-Power, but the toms on the Nitro are only single zone. Just the snare has two zones.

  22. Oz Media

    Wow, your vids are excellent, as for the sound list, AMAZING!! I was almost ready to go through sound by sound and try to at least group cymbals, toms etc. The detail in the list you’ve provided would never have been possible. My list would have been #…..Cymbal, #,….another cymbal, etc, 😀

    A big thank you all for your efforts, I’ve picked up a lot of great information on the mesh kit.

  23. Paul D

    Does all of this (manual and table of kits/sounds and songs) match what comes with the Alesis Surge as well?

    Does anyone have recommendations of the easiest way to learn the play along songs? Unlike Rock Band, where you can visually see what you should be playing, learning these songs is harder since all you have to go on is what you can hear and the blinks of the pad lights on the module itself. Slowing the tempo, of course, helps, but it will still take quite a while. It would be useful if someone has ordered the songs in easiest to hardest for those looking to start.

  24. Dadtallica

    Just stumbled onto your videos and page since my recent nitro Mesh purchase. Thanks so much for being one of the easiest online teachers to follow. Definitely needed this table of sounds too and couldn’t find one anywhere. I do one specific ask you might be able to help with.

    I play most a Metallica songs and I’m having trouble getting my snare sound to match exactly like Lars kit without having to use a laptop every time. I have the rest of the pads sounding almost perfect to it. (I think the Alesis stock sounds in the module are pretty good mostly) I even added two more RB3 cymbals, one to each side thanks to your tutorial.

    If you have any tips for tweaking my snare to match Metallica would be great! Thanks again for your expertise! ??

  25. Chad

    Thank You SOOOO Much!
    Just got my Nitro Mesh and was messing with the custom drum sounds and thought “why didn’t Alesis provide a kit list?”
    Viola! one Google search later and here I am!
    I am now going to start watching all of your vids on Youtube. Alesis should be paying you for supplying this information. A complete and utter fail on there part.
    Again, Thank You SOOO MUCH!

  26. chris

    Hello there, great content, is there a cymbal boom arm for the Nitro that works with the Nitro standard clamps that you are aware of? I am trying to get a cymbal from the right side of the kit to the far left of the center bar. Without going into detail I have no room in my current setup for another clamp. Thanks

  27. kckevinwhite


    I have come across a bunch of your videos on this kit. Really appreciate the help! I am struggling to get this kit up and running with MIDI. I am so close! I have Studio One 4, and I got the SSD5 free plugin. I have the MIDI recording in a track, but the pad assignments are off by a few. I can manually reassign some the incorrect pads, but I was wondering if there is a plugin that you can recommend that already has the correct pad assignments and picks up the Alesis Nitro. I apologies for posting on your YouTube with a comment as well as here, but I have to get this rig up and running. Not sure if you offer support via zoom? Is there a way to just do MIDI straight into Studio One without the SSD5? I am trying to come up with a plan so that I can buy a few of these kits and teach a music production course, but I am brand new to MIDI and drums, been recording guitar for years.

  28. Michael

    Thanks for providing the sound list. That’s a massive help in sorting out the hundreds of sounds!! Also love your YouTube channel and all of your great informative videos.

  29. mister cozy guy

    Extending big thanks for this. I just got one of these kits about a week ago. Common story: old guy (late 50s) who loves to record guitar sounds with my Zoom recorder (the r8 model), but never cared for the built-in drums, and finally said, what the hell, maybe I could learn drums, even if its only well enough to back up my own stuff. Gotta say, even just a week in and I’m loving it. Again, thanks for this list. I’ve bookmarked it and have already referred to it multiple times.

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