Alesis Nitro Mesh May Be The Best Electronic Drum Kit For Under $500!

I recently picked up an Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum set, and am loving it! I have never purchased a new e-drum kit before, and didn’t (couldn’t) spend a lot of money on it. I did a ton of research and watched hundreds of YouTube videos about electronic drums before deciding on the Nitro Mesh.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Justin from 65drums for his incredible and insanely extensive videos on all things electronic drums. Without his channel I don’t think this would have been as easy as a decision.

The nitro mesh gives you a lot for the money. You get full drum kit with two cymbals, hi hats, quality module, pedals and even sticks, for only $350! Putting it together is a bit time consuming, but once together the kit is very solid. There’s absolutely no crosstalk on my set (crosstalk is when wrong drums trigger when hitting other drums). I’ve played more drums in the past two days than I have in months!

Making your own kits is fun and creative on the Nitro module, there’s a lot of settings such as changing pitch, panning, reverb, and volume for each sample, it has standard midi in and out, usb midi, stereo 1/4″ outs, headphone out, and expansion ports for two more triggers. I am very happy with this purchase so far.


2 thoughts on “Alesis Nitro Mesh May Be The Best Electronic Drum Kit For Under $500!

  1. Jon Lee Rabette

    Hey Justin,
    You appear to be the go-to-guy for this inquiry, and I don’t know how else to contact you (thanks BTW for the YT vids).
    Do you know if I can get either the Alesis 14” Dual-Zone Cymbal Pad (DM Cymbal) or
    14” Dual-Zone Cymbal Pad (Strike Kit Cymbal) and plug it into the “dual-zone” Tom 4 input of the Nitro Mesh Kit Module and remap it so I can get the bow & bell for a ride cymbal? I’d rather not get another dual-zone snare and map the ride bell to the rim of it.

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      Only the tom inputs on the Nitro are dual zone, and not compatible with with a piezo/switch style cymbal. Also you could use a piezo/piezo dual zone cymbal from a manufacturer like Pintech. Although keep in mind the Nitro module doesn’t have any ride bell samples in the voices. So there’s no real point in doing it unless you want two different unrelated sounds on the cymbal.

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