Knowledge is the key to setting up a guitar better than ever

Recently I picked up a Squire Bullet Mustang, that I absolutely love. But compared to my Les Paul, the feel really doesn’t compare. This is to be expected from a $170 guitar compared to one that is much more expensive. But why does the Les Paul feel so much better?

I got my LP used and one of the things that made me fall in love with it was the feel of the guitar. It didn’t just feel great because it was a Les Paul, it felt great because it had a very professional setup done to it before I bought it.

So back on the Mustang; when I bought this guitar I had full intentions of doing some pretty heavy customizations. I’m still waiting on a lot of parts, but my goal is to make my Mustang play as good as my Les Paul. I knew to do this I would need to learn a lot about setting up guitars.

I watched several videos on YouTube, and got some good information. But I wanted one easy to understand guide. In my search I found this amazing guide on Amazon, and got it for only $4.99 and could read it instantly on my Kindle Fire Tablet.

This book is absolutely amazing, it has such clear instructions of everything from setting your neck relief, to bridge adjustments, frets, pickup adjustments, and everything you need to setup your guitar perfectly. It also gives you a list of all the tools you’ll need to do all the work to your guitar to make it play perfectly. In addition to that, there are templates to to print out and make your own measurement  tools.

Even before getting my parts to finish my guitar I managed to make my mustang feel so much better within minutes after reading this book. Knowledge is the key! Don’t give up on your instrument if it doesn’t feel the way you like, you can fix it!

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