Please Report Dead Download Links

Sorry for the trouble everyone, but I recently had a debacle with google drive making duplicates after restoring an external drive on my computer. Unfortunately this resulted in google moving the ones I had linked publicly to the trash. So if you are trying to download something and it’s not working, please just post a comment on the post you’re looking for and I’ll fix it asap!

Thank you,


4 thoughts on “Please Report Dead Download Links

  1. Norbert

    Hello justin
    I’m from Holland.
    i hope this works and you read this.
    male 64 years
    i also have an alesis nitro kit.
    please can you give me the songs of the sounds of your drum lessons.
    then I can play them better, same sounds.


  2. Jim Yancey


    I hope this finds you. I know it’s probably not the right place but can’t find a “contact” on your home page or email

    Frist, thanks for you videos and information on the Nitro Mesh. You have become a valuable resource to reference with my own kit as I get into it. I have followed many of you tips and gotten more out of my kit than I could imagine.

    Maybe you have some advice on something I can’t seem to find on the internet. I have a 25w amp currently and I’m disappointed with the volume. Want to get it louder!

    The obvious solution is to get a bigger amp. 50w – 100w, etc.

    HOWEVER, I was thinking I could get another 25w amp and then go from L/Mond to one, and R to the other? ever bi-amp an E-drum kit?

    Thanks and keep it up…



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