Budget Used Drum Set Buying Guide

Places to look:

1. Newspaper classifieds
2. Craigslist
3. reverb
4. ebay

What to search for:
1. Tama Swingstar
2. Tama Rockstar
3. Tama Imperialstar
4. Ludwig Rocker
5. Ludwig Accent
6. Pearl Export
7. Pearl Forum
8. Yamaha Stage Custom

Things to look for, heads, hardware, cymbals:

The bare minimum of what you need is – kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom, hi hat stand, 2x cymbal stands, 1 ride, 1 crash, hi hat cymbals (pair) bass drum pedal, snare stand, mounting hardware/floor tom legs, throne, Remo, Evans, or Aquarian Drum heads (avoid stock heads). Cymbal brand matters less than cymbal line, alloy and size. Avoid brass cymbals, ‘crash/rides’ (unless using as a crash), and 14″ crashes. Look for 20″ and above Rides, 16″ and above crashes.

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