Help send Thee Demonic Sweaters to the Studio!

Check out our Gofundme Page here!

Hey everyone,

As you might have seen, I put together a band to perform Demonic Sweaters material called “Thee Demonic Sweaters”. We’re playing a string of shows this summer, and this fundraiser is to allow us to go into a recording studio as a full band to record our set that we are playing out at shows this summer.

Even though I wrote and recorded these songs myself playing all of the instruments, the band really puts a unique take on them, and we really want to be able to share and release a better representation of what the live show is like.

The $1500 will go for getting some time in Deep Dive Studio here in Brooklyn, NY, which Mitch Rackin runs, and is the former engineer of the now-defunct but legendary Seaside Lounge studio in Sunset Park Brooklyn. Studio time is set for October of 2022.

The breakdown of the funding goes to two full studio days, plus a little extra to cover gofundme fees.
Once the recording is finished it will be released digitally via Bandcamp and on Spotify and other streaming services.
Your help and support are greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!