About Me

My name is Justin, I’m a musician living in NYC. I play the drums and many other instruments. I produce music mainly under 3 different titles.

  1. Demonic Sweaters
  2. Manasota
  3. Justin Robert

Demonic Sweaters is the most experimental in sound and has the most work attributed to it. I make some purely electronic songs, and others with live drums, guitars, bass, synths, vocals and more. I’m always trying something new, and reaching for new sounds and finding new things to do on drums. I have released over 15 albums under this title.

Manasota is a more mature sounding Instrumental rock project where I play all of the instruments and try to convey a sound of peace and calmness in the music. I often use live drums, acoustic guitar, bass, and synthesizers. I have released one full length LP on 180g vinyl with this project.

Justin Robert is mostly experimental ambient music. This is music I usually make without drums. Early on some albums had a more rock sound, but since then those albums have been rebranded to Demonic Sweaters releases. My ambient work is music that I try to connect with my spiritual side and create something meditative and entrancing.

All of this music is available at Anthill Recordings, as well as all of the major digital distributors in the world, Apple, Spotify, Google, etc…