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22 Free Custom Kits for the Roland TD-6 Drum Module!

Download my latest custom kits for the Roland TD-6!

Please keep a few things in mind before installing on your TD-6:

  • Back up your existing patches first (they will be erased)
  • I am using tom 1 input as a bell zone on the ride
  • Tom 2 input is split using this cable, and aux trigger is installed
  • Tom 3 is not being utilized, though you could use the same cable as above to expand one more tom
  • Snare is dual zone on my setup, crashes are dual zone, aux is single zone and ride is 3 zone (using tom 1 input for bell), toms are all single zone.
  • download is in .syx format, you must use a program like MIDIOX or Syx-Lib to transfer the files.

How to use Sysex-Lib to transfer the kits, watch the vid below.

How to do it using MIDIOX or SysEx Librian (for mac) see the next video:

Complete Cymbal Collection Sample Download – Audacity Master Files

Today I spent a few hours recording all of my cymbals individually to use with my SmartWav2+MIDI. I figured I would upload them here for you to download to use in your own projects.

Each cymbal is recorded in Audacity 3.0.2, Stereo 32bit Float, 44100khz, using a Shure KSM32, and are as follows :

  • Rides are recorded 4 velocity levels each of bow, edge and bell
  • Crashes 4 velocity levels bow, and edge
  • Hi hats 4 velocity levels bow and edge
  • fx cymbals 4 velocity levels edge

Cymbal list:

  • 20″ Vintage Avanti Medium Ride
  • 20″ Sabian XSR Monarch Ride
  • 18″ Zildjian A Uptown Ride
  • 18″ Sabian B8X Ballistic Crash
  • 16″ Vintage Avanti Crash
  • 16″ Vintage Zildjian A Thin Crash
  • 16″ Vintage Paiste 402 Crash
  • 14″ Vintage Avanti Hi Hats
  • 14″ Vintage Zildjian A Hi Hats
  • 14″ Sabian XSR Monarch Hi Hats
  • 14″ Sabian B8X Mini Chinese
  • 14″ Zildjian Trashformer
  • 10″ Sabian B8X China Splash
  • 12″ Meinl HCS Trash China
  • 8″ Meinl HCS Bell


You will have to trim, export and name the files yourself. I left them this way so it would be easier to use in multiple applications or drum modules.

Billy Idol’s new song is surprisingly awesome

Maybe it’s his recent collaborations with Miley Cyrus, maybe it’s Covid lockdown, I really don’t know, but whatever it is, Billy Idol has released probably his best track since the 1980s with “Bad Taste”.

The production of the song is phenomenal and Billy’s voice sounds matured, but excellent by all accounts. The song features legendary long-time Idol collaborator Steve Stevens, and the two sound as good as the did in the 80s. Once you listen to this song, you’ll be singing it endlessly in your mind after the first listen, it’s really that catchy.

Rock on Billy!