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All of the “Can You Draw Me?” Cover contest entries!

Last month I held a contest to draw the cover of my album “Can You Draw Me?” I ended up getting a ton of great entries, so I thought I would post all of them here on my website! The contest challenge was to draw a photo I took of a Pirate dummy in Englewood Florida with my Mavica FD-7.

Here is the original photo I took with my Mavica

The winner of the contest got a free Roland drum module, as well as a 180g vinyl copy of Manasota S/T, and their cover used as the permanent cover on the bandcamp page for the album. 

Cynthia Trulinger


Skip Thornhooter

Skip Thornhooter (square)


Rue Clemintine 2

Rue Clemintine 1

Phil Hernandez

Patrick B

Linda Millard 2

Linda Millard 1


Hayden Reynolds

Hayden Reynolds (With Effects)

Domenic S (Winner!)

Daniel Aguilar

Daniel Aguilar 3

Daniel Aguilar 2


Free Tama Club-JAM Mini (with addons) Sample Set for SmartWAV 2 (or anything)

Download my two latest SmartWAV 2 samples sets here. These consist of a full single layer mono drum sample set, as well as a full multi-layer stereo cymbal sample set. Use the single layer set if you are replacing your whole kit, or the multi-layer for just replacing the cymbals. You also could only use parts of each to replace individual drums or cymbals.

You may need to rename some files if your MIDI mapping is different than mine, or edit your MIDI note output. These samples could also easily be used in an Ableton Live Drum Rack or any other software or drum module that allows you to use your own samples!

Roland TD-8 Industrial Custom Kit Free Download

This is a custom programmed drum kit I made for my Roland TD-8 Module in the video above. It’s big, dirty and heavy sounding.

Download my Industrial Drum Kit for the TD-8 Here

Keep in mind I do not use the TD-8 Roland kit, so the mapping is slightly different. You will need reaper to load the file onto your TD-8. Just run a midi out from reaper to your td-8 and play the file, your TD-8 will automatically import the drum kit. Make sure you back up your kits before loading new ones! My kit tom 1 is crash 1, ride is mapped 3 zones using the ride input and the crash 2 input, crash 2 is mapped to Aux. Everything else is normal.

Can You Draw Me?

Pre-Order, or Pre-Save “Can You Draw Me?” Now! Worldwide Release on 12/4!


2020 was a weird year to say the least, so what better way to finish off the year than with a really weird album by Demonic Sweaters? Yes, “Can You Draw Me?” is weird, but I do not think it is weird in a way that makes it non-relatable to the average listener.

On this album I have returned to my roots and it is very synthesizer and drum heavy. Above all I believe this album conveys a consistent mood throughout. A mood of mystery. A mystery steeped in technology gone awry. A ghost in the machine.

The album is organically played, but electronically produced. My electronic drum set was used on most of the songs on the record using the Roland TD-8 and Alesis Nitro drum modules. Synthesizers and controllers used were the Kawai K1m, The UVI Emulation One, UVI Darklight, Casio CT-370 (Soundfont by DS), Akai MPD16, MidiPlus Classic 49, Mothman 1966, Mothman 2000, Elogoxa Cosmogirl, EGOkILLERversion2, and the Korg Monotron Delay, and some others I probably forgot about. Guitars and basses used were the Squier Mustang HH, Harley Benton RX-10, Rogue Fretless bass. Acoustic drums Tama Club-JAM Mini with expansion kit and Paiste Cymbals (on Space Dingo only)

You can pre-order the album already on Bandcamp, or pre-save it on Spotify!

Free Cyberpunk 8 Bit Drums Sample Set for SmartWav 2 or Anything

What you’re hearing above is the 8 bit drum sample set I created from my old Tama Imperialstar drum set. I did various things to the different samples to create something I think sounds pretty cool and very ‘Cyberpunk’. All the samples are 8 bit mono samples, and the samples are named to work with the SmartWav 2 + MIDI adapter by Vizic Technologies. They could also be used in just about anything, just need to use the guide below to know what samples are what.

046 = Open hi hat
036 = kick
038 = Snare
050 = tom 1
042 = Closed Hi Hat
041 = tom 4
044 = hi hat pedal
048 = tom 2
045 = tom 3
053 = ride
049 = crash 3
055 = crash 2
051 = crash 1

Download the sample pack here.