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Archeer Podcast Microphone Review and Sound Test

I saw this pretty cool Archeer Podcast Microphone mic on amazon (get it here for only $23 and thought I’d check it out and do a little review for you. Overall I think it is a good deal, but didn’t really like the mic stand. If you want to get a better swivel desk stand for it, you can try something like this
I start out by showing you what the microphone comes with, then present a detailed sound test using Audacity. Hopefully you find this helpful.

Desktop Google Music Player For Linux!

I have a ton of music in Google’s music service, my own uploads, plus I’m a subscriber. But I always hated having to open a web browser to access my collection, which is not only slow, but eats up tons of CPU on my system.

Thankfully a crafty 20 year old developer from Australia made a sweet desktop player for linux. I’m running the Debian version on my Ubuntu 16.04 system and it’s working great!

Check it out here!

Twin Peaks Unraveled: Dream of Time & Space

This is absolutely excellent. I totally agree PJG’s observations. Much of what he’s talking about was also theorized in a very solid book by John Keel called The 8th Tower, Ultraterestrials and the Superspectrum, which was published in the 1970s.

I keep telling people to read it to have a more solid understanding of TP. A lot of the stuff PJG is saying is right on par with what Keel was saying about entities changing vibrational frequencies to move,or suddenly seem to “appear” in our reality. I really love these concepts. Great vid!

The Final Dossier is available for preorder now btw

A Very Young Stewart Copeland Talks Drums

I just ran across this vid and thought I’d share. I always love Stewart’s drumming, but also his amazing energy and enthusiasm makes me particularly fond of him. On this vid he talks a bit about his drum kit and some of the cool delays and fx he was using at the time. He’s a true talent and very interesting guy.

DrumFu – A hilariously cheesy but awesome drum solo by Bill Bruford

I just stumbled across this on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing at how silly this actually was. At the same time, I loved it and really want a vintage Simmons kit now, haha!