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Watch Heretic: Shadow Of The Serpent Riders – Starting from the beginning from demonicsweaters on

I just started playing games in Twitch. I’m mostly focusing on older FPS games, but not sure where I will end up with this channel. I’m new to gaming, but having some fun!

The SubPac M2 is a sub-woofer vest that basically shoots bass into your body

I had no idea that such a product like this existed until last night while browsing Amazon. No this isn’t a Kevlar vest, and it’s not a life jacket. It’s a sub-woofer that can reproduce bass frequencies that go far below human hearing ability.

So how do you hear it? Well you don’t, you FEEL IT! This baby will go all the way down to 5Hz!! I’m not sure I would want to walk around listening to music with this thing, but I can imagine for certain gaming and home theater this thing being completely insane and awesome to wear.

SubPac’s marketing seems to be trying to target professional audio engineers, which I think is missing their potential target, since no engineer will really want to mix with speakers or subs that completely color the sound or create unrealistic frequencies, but I really think gaming would be intense. Can you imagine explosions in a game and then feeling a 10Hz sub vibrate your entire torso in unison with the explosion?

Check it out here!

Build a Gaming PC for $106.00

I always love seeing stuff like this. This YouTuber decided to make a gaming PC for $100. It ended up coming to $106, but he still did a great job and ended up with an awesome machine.

Hurrican OST (a Turrican inspired game with a killer soundtrack)

Many people still love the Amiga classic game Turrican, which came up recently in a facebook group I’m a part of. Then I was reminded of the game Hurrican, which came out in 2007 as a free Turrican inspired game for windows.

It was a great game, and played true to the roots of the original. In addition to the gameplay, they also managed to make an incredible soundtrack. This one is actually one of my favorites and stands up there to me with the original Chris Huelsbeck music! Check it out above.

If you wanna get the Hurrican game, you can download it for free here

Amiga Drummer 2.3, The Full Motion Video Game That Never Existed

Here’s part 5 of my Amiga ProTracker and a Drummer series. I made this one using all samples of objects laying around me at the time in while I was visiting my mom’s in Florida. Samples used were my Casio wristwatch beep, a kalimba (thumb piano) snapping my fingers and tapping on a plastic lid. I then dropped dropped the bounced wav file into Pro Tools 7.4 and added bass, then went into the studio and recorded the drums and this video. The video in this one I was going for a 90s Full Motion Video Game look. I used a green screen and drew the background in GraFX2, then assembled it all in FCP 5.1. To get the pixilated look I rendered using the Cinepak codec with a 256 color palate.

Written, produced and performed by Justin Wierbonski (me)
I play Tama Drums and Paiste Cymbals.