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Hearing Yourself Without Delay While Recording

I read this probably 10 times a day in comments on my YouTube channel. “when I’m trying to record my vocals, hear a an echo or delay through my computer”. My answer to this is always, yes you do, and you always will if you’re trying to monitor yourself through software on your computer.

So how do you fix this? With hardware monitoring, that’s how. If you want to hear yourself through the microphone with no delay, you need to hear it though the audio interface BEFORE it is processed though the computer. This is the ONLY way to do so. Some people will claim they used to be able to hear themselves through their computer with no delay, then suddenly they can’t. But I’m sorry, this is not possible. There is always going to be latency when audio is processed though a computer. Sure, some is less noticeable and shorter than others, but it will ALWAYS be there. This is just the nature of computer recording.

So how do you get ‘Hardware Monitoring’? The answer is quite simple. You need an audio interface that has this feature. Nearly all USB audio interfaces designed for audio production will include this feature. How does it work? See this short video below for an explanation.

So how do you fix it? You need an interface that can do it. The Motu Interface pictured in this post is a good example of one with hardware monitoring, and that big knob is how you turn it up and down. 

As well as almost anything in this list will do it. Just make sure you see Hardware Monitoring as one of it’s listed features before buying.