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18 + Me!Me!Me! One of the craziest anime music videos you’ll most likely ever see



I want to mention first and foremost that what I am linking here on this post is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and NOT FOR CHILDREN. With that out of the way, if you are over 18 and don’t have a weak stomach, keep reading.

A lot of my readers may have seen Me! Me! Me! Already, but if you haven’t, it is definitely worth checking out. There’s a lot of buzz and controversy over this video due to the overly sexual content, disgusting scenes, gory violence and mind-bending animation. That being said, I still think it is quite an amazing and colorful piece of art and the music kicks ass. Click the image above to check out the original video.

Me! Me! Me! is an animated short music video directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki with original music by daoko and TeddyLoid. After you watch the video, it’s also worth checking out this video on Youtubers talking about it. There’s some funny reactions and some valid interpretations in my opinion.

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For no real reason here’s the theme song from Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic


Great Anime, great music. Links to DL–the-labyrinth-of-magic8203.html

AMV of the week! | “Resonance” – Anime MV | by Centurione HD 



check out this awesome AMV put together by Centurione0412

Japanese Video Game Music Documentary | Diggin’ In The Carts | Episodes 1 through 6

This is a fantastic documentary about the huge influence of Japanese video game music had on the entire world. I’ve put together a playlist of episodes 1 through 6. This was a really cool film put together as a miniseries by Red Bull.


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team shanghai alice

Team Shanghai Alice | The one man game developer, music composer and artist!

team shanghai alice

Check this out if you like vintage video game music, or if you just like insanely prolific artists. Team Shanghai Alice is one of those. You see, the “team” is just one guy named ZUN. He writes all the code for the games, writes all the music, makes all the graphics, all of the illustrations and has been doing it since the 90s. In addition to the plethora of games he’s released, he’s also released a plethora of CDs (now selling for a pretty hefty price on Amazon) and has a huge legion of fans creating derivative works and tributes to his art world-wide! Also, the music is quite amazing.

Reimu 2 (Stage 4 Boss Theme 1)


Marisa's Stage 1


I consider myself a pretty prolific guy. But in all honesty, I look like a lazy-ass slob when I compare myself to ZUN. In fact, I don’t even see how what he does is humanly possible, but I’m sure glad he does it!