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Top 5 Casio Synths Of All Time

Casio is one of those musical instrument companies that has made more models than it is even possible to know, so this list is mostly for fun. But here are 5 Casio synths made by Casio that have reached near legendary status!

5. CT-401 is a preset analog synth that was released in the early 1980s. It was the first Casio synth to feature “auto accompaniment”


4. HT-700 was a digital/analog hybrid fully programmable synth that was marketed as a children’s toy! It has fully programmable 8 bit drums, and an analog filter!


3. SK-1 brought audio sampling to the masses at the lowest price ever seen in the mid 80s! My parents bought me one of these as a kid, and I drove everyone absolutely INSANE with this thing. They have been circuit bent and used as is on countless albums at this point!

Casio SK1

2. FZ-1 is a fully imagined digital synth and sampler from the mid 80s. It had 16 bit sampling, which at the time was never seen before it this price point.


1.  CZ-101 is like all the other CZ series, which means it’s a Phase Distortion Synthesizer. This was Casio’s unique innovation in digital synthesis. It has a cleaner character than Yamaha’s FM synthesis, but is capable of producing some similar sounds, as well as more analog sounding sounds. What made the 101 superior to it’s bigger brothers in my opinion is the compact size!


Be sure to check out the plugins section of this website for plenty of Casio samples and VSTis!

The Comprehensive Korg MicroKORG Video

The Korg MicroKORG has basically reached legendary status at this point and has been used by countless people and on countless recordings. If you want to pick one up for yourself, here’s a link

Some people get frustrated with the MicroKORG and never learn how to program it, this combined with it’s somewhat dated sounding presets may cause some people to incorrectly belive it is not a powerful or good synthesizer. This is not only wrong, but the MicrKORG is probably one of the most flexible and powerful synths for under $500 on the planet.

In this video I give a brief history of the MicroKORG, walk you though how to program a patch, then demonstrate an entire song created with the MicroKORG. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Look Inside The Mellotron Vintage Analog Synth

I just saw this today and really loved being able to see the inside of this incredible synth! I have always loved the sound of a Mellotron and used the samples of them extensively on my recordings, but have never had a real one at my fingers.It is really fascinating to see the inner workings of this machine!


Mad Zach Returns With An MPC Live Demo

Check out Mad Zach chopping up some Bitches Brew with the new Akai MPC Live!

get one for yourself!

Yamaha FB-01 FM Synth Module with Live Drums

This is a new song I created with only the Yamaha FB-01 in 8 part multi-timbral mode and then played lived drums to it. No FX were used on the FB-01. I seqenced the MIDI using the program, Seq24 for linux, then recorded the drums in Harrison Mixbus 4.
Drums used were a 1966 Slingerland Blue Sparkle kit, with an 80s metal Pearl Export 6.5×14 snare drum. Mics used in this recording were:
Kick – CAD KBM412
Snare – PDMIC78
Overheads –