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If Tim and Eric made a tutorial on how to use Synthesizers, this would be it

The info in this series is actually quite informative, but at the same time the video is hilarious and looks like something off of Tim and Eric.

One Youtube commenter stated it best when he wrote “I love those awkward pauses where he just stares at the camera, like they missed an edit point. Combined with his sidelong glances and that painted on beard, and this is just golden.”

haha, pretty much sums it up.

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Casio Day! Ultra rare beautiful pink Casio SK-1!

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Apparently when Casio made the famous SK1, they briefly manufactured one in light pink with light blue keys. Here’s some incredible photos of one from our pals over at Matrixsynth!

pink casio sk1 5 pink casio sk1 4 pink casio sk1 3 pink casio sk1 2 pink casio sk-1

The drum sound of the 1980s | Simmons SDSV and SDS7!

When a lot of people think about 80s drums they think about In The Air Tonight, by Phil Collins and the famous “Gated Reverb” drum sound. As much as I love Phil Collins, I think another drum sound is even more defining of the era, the sound of Simmons electronic drums.

Those weird looking hexagon shaped pads were played by nearly every synth pop band that had drummers in the 80s, and even by bands like Van Halen and King Crimson both playing the Simmons drums. Their epic tom sound is unmistakable and that giant wet snare sound pulses nostalgia into your brain with every hit!

I wanted to make a post with somebody playing some Simmons drums for a while, but many of the videos I were finding were pretty terrible. But today I found this incredible cover of Thomas Dolby’s song “One of our submarines” where WIRECOOLEY rerecorded his own instrumental version of the song then made a video of himself playing some Simmons to the song! It came out great and love that drum sound!

Simmons drums weren’t samples, they were actually drum synthesizers. The module that produced the sounds, or “brain” was actual an analog synth with a bunch of trigger inputs. Awesome…. Awesome to the max.

vintage simmons drums