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Jean Michel Jarre’s completely insane city-wide laser light, firework, and electronic music show that consumed all of Houston, TX in 1986!

The 80s were big, really big. Texas is big, really big. Jean Michel Jarre was big, really big. Three big things in 1986 came together to make biggest concert idea on earth up until then to ever happen, and It is still considered one of the most spectacular electronic music events to ever take place on planet earth!

Rendez-vous Houston was a one of a kind concert where Jarre used the entire downtown area of the city of Houston, TX as a set of laser lighting, fireworks, and experimental electronic instruments. The skyscrapers of downtown Houston actually became part of the show and were illuminated with lasers, gigantic skyscraper-sized projections, fireworks, lasers and lights!

RendezvousHouston 004_1986-houston_01 IMG00004 George-O-PhotoThis really must have been one amazing show and is considered one of the largest concerts to have ever happened on earth. I would have loved to seen this. He dedicated the concert to the Astronauts of the Space Shuttle Challenger who were killed a few months before, one of whom was Jean Michel’s friend, Ron McNair.

I would love to see something this ambitious happen today!


Forgotten Insanely Awesome 1980s Music Featuring Nine Inch Nails Member!

This is some amazing stuff by HCEMS, Charlie Nieland and Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails) made in the mid-80s. These guys were doing some awesome stuff with Fairlights, and experimental video. Check out some of these wicked VHS video fx and 8 bit sampling. If you’re into the future-retro scene, or 80s music at all, you’ll love this stuff!