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Art Bell is back on the air!

I’m sitting here listening to the first episode of the the return of Art Bell live on Dark Matter Digital Network and I am so happy right now. I love that he’s using all the classic bumper music he always used, Midnight in the Desert, Dancing Queen, The Opening Them (I forget who that actually is)

It’s cool to hear it on internet rather than AM radio because the songs sound so much better, and Art’s voice is super clear. I’m so used to the old AM radio quality when hearing him, it’s really awesome.

Anyway, if for some reason you didn’t know, Art bell is BACK, and on Dark Matter Digital Network!

Art Bell to Return on July 20th with first guest Graham Hancock!

I already knew Art Bell was returning to talk “radio”, and this time it’ll be on he and Keith Rowland’s own Dark Matter Digital Network streaming online for free! The king of the paranormal will be coming back every night at Midnight Eastern Time starting this July 20th.

This is great news for fans of UFO talk, Conspiracies, Hidden Histories, etc… But what is also great is his first guest is going to be none other than Graham Hancock! I can’t tell you how many great interviews Hancock has done with Art in the past, but it’s been a lot.

You can listen live for free, and you can get archives of “Midnight In The Desert” for only $5 a month! (I’ve already subscribed) I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!



Demonic Sweaters Podcast–Episode #1

The Demonic Sweaters podcast has started and first episode is complete!

If you look to the right on this page you’ll see the RSS feed for the podcast, you can subscribe there, or with itunes using this link.

The first show was a free floating sorta format. I just talked about the origins of the Demonic Sweaters brand and played some good music. Check it out here!

ds podcst #1

Official anouncment! Art Bell IS Coming Back! Midnight In The Desert

The legendary broadcaster, Art Bell, who hosted the original Coast to Cost AM is really coming back. This is big news to me since I am a long time fan of Mr. Bell.

He was the original paranormal broadcaster. Way before youtube conspiracy documentaries or Ancient Aliens, you could hear Art at 3 in the morning talking to the likes of Bob Lazar about “Groom Lake” and experimentation with aliens in Area 51.


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