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Math Noise Rock Rejuvenated and Reinvented with The Band Black MIDI

Having cut my teeth in the mathrock, noise, experimental, post hardcore scenes of the 1990s, when I first saw Black MIDI on KEXP, I felt like I was travelling back in time to the better days of live music.

This band is definitely calling back to the ages of bands like, Bastro, Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth, Polvo, Slint, and even a touch of Wire, and the Contortionists, but are doing it in their own unique way, and are very, very young. Live shows by this band is absolutely amazing. Not only on this KEXP performance, but all other videos I’ve seen of the band so far, they are just playing their asses off.

They come out of the UK somewhere, but the info online about them is extremely vague, and this seems to have been adding to their mystique in general. European shows by the band have been selling out left and right, yet they have not even released a single studio recording. Thankfully somebody has made this flac version of the full show that you can download.

I’m really happy to see a band like this existing in 2019, it really gives me hope of the younger generation. I can’t wait for an official release by this amazing band!