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Natural Anti-Virals and tips to strengthen your immune system for Covid-19

Today we are facing a new challenge as a species, and lots of people are confused, concerned, and feeling very uncertain about the future. One of the things we can do to prepare for a possible illness is have a healthy immune system.

  1. Don’t smoke or vape – not tobacco, not weed, not anything. Covid-19 attacks the lungs, and smoking weakens your immune system and lungs. So if you smoke, right now is a great time to quit!
  2. Do cardio – cardio vascular exercise also strengthens the lungs by making you use them. Make sure to do this in a clean environment, preferably outside away from any crowds. (think biking or jogging).
  3. Eat right – cut out processed foods that cause inflammation, fast food, fried foods, refined sugars and sweets. Eat plenty of leafy greens, and lean meats such as chicken breast or fish, as well as a small amount of easy to digest carbohydrates, such as brown rice.
  4. Stay positive – Easier said than done with the news, but try avoiding all news for at least a day. Do some meditation, or prayer. Watch some comedies, or spend time with loved ones or pets, or all of the above.
  5. Do something creative – now you have the time! Write your book, make your album, paint your masterpiece.

In addition to all of the above, there’s some natural foods that have strong anti-viral properties. I’ll list what I think are the best below. However if you have any health conditions, check with your healthcare practitioner, or do your own research before taking anything listed below. I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND CLAIM NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE, NOR DO I ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY HERB OR SUPPLEMENT REGIMEN YOU PARTAKE IN.

  1. Garlic (with Allicin) – Garlic when crushed creates a chemical called Allicin which is a very potent anti-viral. Eating cooked garlic does not work, but chewing raw cloves will, however this is pretty nasty, so you can get some garlic supplements like this one that contain the virus fighting Allicin. https://amzn.to/3aWdRAm.
  2. Ginger Root– Good old fashion ginger root that you can buy at your local grocery store. If you have a juicer, this is the best and most concentrated way to have it. If you don’t have a juicer, you can cut it into slices and boil it in water for 7 minutes to make a potent ginger tea.
  3. Zinc – A few years ago a company called Zicam actually proved scientifically that zinc, if applied to the entrance of a virus, such as your nose or mouth can greatly reduce the severity of the common cold (which is a type of coronavirus). Their nasal spray worked really well, but due to a lawsuit, they had to remove zinc from their product, they still sell it with the clinically proven claim, but unfortunately zicam is no longer effective. However, now a few companies make a zinc spray you can spray to the back of your throat to prevent contracting a a cold. Get one here https://amzn.to/2QrxlFg

Anyway, I hope all of you are staying safe out there and let’s get through this together!