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Shamir’s Call It Off Relationship Hotline is actually real!

did some songs live for the bae annie mac at radio 1, here they are!

A week or so ago I picked up Ratchet by Shamir and it quickly became one of my favorite new albums. The music could be described as a very refreshing mix of creative electronic music, 90s hip hop, indie rock and 80s Prince. Shamir’s androgynous voice and presence really make the whole thing incredibly special.

I was looking at some vids of his work on youtube and saw an ad for a what I thought was a fake relationship advice call in show with Shamir as a promotion for his new LP. But now it looks like it’s not completely fake and they actually have started taking calls! Check out the vid below. Go to the youtube page to get the number if you want to call and be in the show!

Japanese Techno Girl dresses in a Kimono, sits politely in her room, and plays vintage MIDI hardware for her cat

Check out this playlist of ThePuneya or “Japanese Techno Girl” performing a variety of minimal electronic jams using nothing but vintage hardware to her cat.

This is basically what Youtube was invented for



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