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MilkyTracker Drummer 2

I made another song in MilkyTracker, then recorded some drums to it. I created most of the samples in this one directly in MilkyTracker. I’m really happy with this one, especially the drum sound.

I only had 4 inputs for drums so I miked up the kick, snare, a single overhead, then used a behringer line mixer to run two dynamic mics to one channel for toms. In the mix I painstakingly cut every single rack tom and floor tom hit and put them into their own channel so I could pan them separately. With the single overhead, I duplicated it, changed the eq on the copy and offset it slightly with the original, then panned them LR to give it a pseudo stereo image.

This is actually the second version of this video I made, the first one had some lag in the transitions, so I redid the whole vid in Sony Vegas and it came out much smoother.

Free Demonic Sweaters Mix Download | Tape 4

demonic sweaters tape 4


This is a mix I made a while back that was released on Cassette and for Jango Radio, and as a token of my appreciation I’ve decided to make it downloadable here to my readers and fans. Just click the cover above to download (or right click “save as”)!

The songs are a mixture of things from various albums of mine and mixed into one continuous track. I hope you enjoy it!

Early computer graphics and laserdisc video games make up this tripped out music video!

This song is off of my album, The New Sun¬†and was composed using the software LMMS on my old Chromebook running Linux. The lead part was created using a Kawai K1 and a Korg Montron Delay. I plugged the K1 into the audio input of the Montron using it’s filter and analog delay functions. It’s really cool how much these little devices can do and how much musical power you can have in your pocket these days! I made the video using a lot of different public domain footage from vintage computer graphics and laserdisc video games!