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Very cool beat making app for Mac and PC! BTV Solo

This is a pretty damn cool beat making app I stumbled upon while surfing twitter. It’s a full blown sampler sequencer that allows you to play it completely stand alone (even allowing keyboard play without a midi controller) as well as letting you run it in plugin mode within your favorite DAW. Check out their site to learn more! 

Love weird Internet music? Who doesn’t? Get your screwballs tightened with Deluxepaint 418!

deluxepaint 418 is the mysterious artist from Taiwan who uses Amiga Protracker and lofi samples to create very interesting music, which pretty much defies categorization.

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[Ambient Music] Justin Robert – Blood Reef | dark yet dreamy and textured “Aquatic Ambient”

I continue on my recurring “Aquatic Ambient” theme on Blood Reef, except this time I take it to darker territories. The album starts out on the surface calm and peaceful enough, but slowly drifts deeper and deeper into delirium, then finally into the horrors of the deep. But we discover that even in the darkest and scariest depths of the ocean, we can find beauty when we least expect it.