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Sometimes you just need a simple low pass filter plugin! Here’s one for free, and some other stuff :)



That’s what I needed when I found this. I was working on a song and all of my filter plugins had LFOs and way too much crap on them. I just wanted a low pass filter with with a cutoff and frequency knob so I could program the automation myself and map it to my NanoKONTROL. Okay, well this one has a couple more knobs than that, but was still pretty simple and did what I wanted it to do. Also, it sounds pretty good and comes with a pack of 4 plugins, reverb, delay, EQ and the filter. All of which sound pretty good, and yep, they’re free!

Download here

Mirror if that download doesn’t work


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Mothman VST Synthesizers | Download Free | Mothman Z3000 1000 2000 1966

Several years ago I made some VST software synthesizers for Windows called the Mothman Series. The Mothman 1000 was the first one. It combined subtractive synthesis with FM synthesis and an oscilloscope to make some really unique sounds. Shortly after that I released the Mothman 1966 and then the Mothman Z3000 which is a Casio CZ-3000 emulator (BTW, I made my CZ emulator years before it became trendy) hehe. Now everyone seems to be making one. The Mothman 1966 is a really unique simple subtractive synth with custom waveforms. Later I reworked the original Mothman 1000 and added some improvements and called it the Mothman 2000 (my personal favorite of the 4).

Anyway, the original download links went down and many people have been asking me for them. I’ve been meaning to put them up somewhere, but wanted to wait until I got a real site up and running again. I have that now, so here is the entire mothman plugin set to download for FREE!! They’ll run on Windows or Linux (with wine). DOWNLOAD HERE AND UNRAR TO YOUR VST DIRECTORY! password if needed = themothmanreturns



Mothman 1000


Mothman 1966


Mothman 2000


Mothman Z3000


Need a sweet MIDI controller for these synths? Check this one out!