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The ridiculously unrealistic music scenes in 80s movies

I think one of the things that made 1980s movies so great is the fact that the worlds in them never existed anywhere. Every time they would show a band or club scene, it was always pitifully wrong and would be nothing anyone would ever listen to, nor anywhere anyone would ever actually go (think the muscled sax man in The Lost Boys).

This style of film making where literally the entire existence is only in the film itself seems to be lost. Now things are almost too accurately portrayed (not always, but at least more so than in the 80s). But now watching these 80s films, even when it’s hilariously cheesy and completely unlike the times, it’s like you’re in a complete fantasy world that never existed except in 80s cinema.

The filmmakers were most likely just clueless as to what actual trends and styles were at the time and it was probably completely unintentional, but it ended up being some of the best things about these types of movies.

Peter Baumann’s Strangers in the Night is basically the most 80s video in existence

Even though this video is over 30 years old, I’ve somehow never seen it until just now. Judging by how few views there are on this youtube video, it seems like it’s still pretty new to many.

Peter Baumann was one of the core members of the band Tangerine Dream, who of course spawned the amazing work of Klaus Schultz, but less known is the work of Baumann. Strangers in the Night is off of his album of the same name from 1983. It was his fourth solo album.

This song and video is essentially everything the modern Synthwave and Retrowave movement is doing amplified by a million and its video is a pure work of art. Its use of Video FX such as flying geometric shapes, smokey alleyways with perfect lighting, and an untra-serious looking Bauman staring off into the distance with a headset microphone is nothing but hilariously amazing.

Peter Bauman