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Demonic Sweaters Podcast–Episode #1

The Demonic Sweaters podcast has started and first episode is complete!

If you look to the right on this page you’ll see the RSS feed for the podcast, you can subscribe there, or with itunes using this link.

The first show was a free floating sorta format. I just talked about the origins of the Demonic Sweaters brand and played some good music. Check it out here!

ds podcst #1

1980 track by track video of making music for Urusei Yatsura! (Classic Anime)

from アナログシンセサイザーを作って弾くテレビ

“Making scene from animation Urusei Yatsura’s BGM.

Around 1980, I composed BGM of TV animation “Urusei Yatsura”.
In this video, I played “Urusei BGM (Title=Sore Ike Yare Ike Dai Tsuiseki 1)” with analog synthesizer in real time.

Part 1 : Rhythm (Roland CR-78 & SH-2)

Part 2 : Bass & Chord (YC-45D)
YC-45D has many effects… First I used Vibraphone preset. Then change preset and used Fuzz chord sound with auto Wah effect. Left hand still play Bass manual keyboard.

Part 3 : Sequencer (Casio VL-5)
VL-5 is curious keyboard! It has bar cord reader pen. This pen can read accompaniment phrase from printed book.

Part 4 : Melody (Roland SH-2 & Promars)
I changed 2 VCO’s interval of Promars (look annotation).

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