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Get your music on Spotify for free! (sorta)


Making money with original music is very hard these days. Nobody really buys CDs anymore. Certain niches still buy vinyl, but it’s very expensive to press. The vast majority of people listen to music with streaming services like Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, etc…

So how do you get your music on those? Well with Google you can actually do it directly through them with their Google Artist Hub, but all of the others you need to go though some type of middle man service that has a deal with these digital distributors.┬áThere’s several out there, but most of them charge pretty hefty fees for getting your music on streaming services. CD Baby charges around $50 per album, others charge you a yearly fee for every LP you have on these services!! Then some of them even take a cut of your streaming royalties too!

There’s a better option in my opinion. The company I use, Routenote,┬áCharges you NOTHING up front to get your music on ALL OF THE STREAMING SERVICES, this includes Spotify, Apple, Google, Napster, and about a scrillion others you probably didn’t even know existed. So how do they make money? Well, they charge you on the back end. In short you keep 85% of your profits. Streaming royalties are so minuscule anyway, to me this doesn’t really matter. I release a lot of albums, and I can get them on all of the major outlets within weeks of completing them.

I’ve been using Routenote for years, and have been paid from them, so I can personally vouch for their integrity. Why spend $40 to stream an album that makes .0001 per stream? It just doesn’t make senses. Anyway, hopefully you found this helpful and happy music making!