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Tiny tunes! Making a hardware live electronic music rig that’ll fit anywhere!

teenage engineering po-14

I saw this video and what immediately caught my eye was the thing on the right. It’s a PO-14 from Teenage Engineering. This one was new to me and very cool. It’s a tiny synth/sequencer for $60 and looks like a calculator, haha. In the middle of course is the Korg Montoron Delay. I have one of these guys and at live gigs, that thing would end up creating the most insane noises of nearly all my gear. Up on the left is an autotranslator from the flea market. Three little things and a cool little song.

Performance by Fernando Garcia Tamajon


Early computer graphics and laserdisc video games make up this tripped out music video!

This song is off of my album, The New Sun and was composed using the software LMMS on my old Chromebook running Linux. The lead part was created using a Kawai K1 and a Korg Montron Delay. I plugged the K1 into the audio input of the Montron using it’s filter and analog delay functions. It’s really cool how much these little devices can do and how much musical power you can have in your pocket these days! I made the video using a lot of different public domain footage from vintage computer graphics and laserdisc video games!