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Manasota LP (Vinyl) Kickstarter

In the year 2005 I was in a really tough place in my life. I was just about to turn 30 and The 10 years leading up to that time I had become heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol. Near the end of 2005 I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I was drinking heavily and the doctor told me that because of my liver I would need to change things or there would be serious complications.

So that’s what I did.

Immediately after that appointment I quit drinking. I started removing unhealthy items from my life and replacing them with healthy ones. One of the healthy things I started to do was riding a bicycle. At the time I was living in a very small town on the West coast of Florida and nearby was a small island called Manasota Key. I would ride my bike down to the key and wonder slowly up it’s beautiful tree covered coastal road on my bicycle alone. I found Manasota Key to be a very healing place.

I was very troubled at the time but kept riding my bike, and started meditating, reading books about different spiritual philosophies and kept at it. One by one I removed all substances from my life within a 2 month period. My brain wiring was a mess, but I just kept riding, going to Manasota, and working on music.

3 Months went by and I went to see a liver specialist about my disease. Much to my surprise the doctor came in and said, “well, you don’t have it.” He said that I either never had it, and it was a mistake, or somehow it just went away. I really felt blessed and that some type of miracle had just happened. I took that as a sign and never went back to drinking or or taking any type of drugs. It has now been nearly 10 years and I have never gone back to my old lifestyle.

I feel like without Manasota Key, and the isolation in such a peaceful environment I would have never been able to do what I did. Now that I am reaching the 10 year anniversary of these events, I’ve started working on new music and decided to call the project or “band” nameManasota. 

I would love to be able to honor this special place and experience with a very special musical release on vinyl to allow it to exist in a large physical form, which is what inspired me to do this Kickstarter.

The music I am making for this project is all made with acoustic guitar, acoustic drums, electric bass, synthesizer and some special percussion items. I am playing every instrument, recording, mixing, and mastering the whole LP myself. I am trying to capture the essence of a peaceful but mysterious and isolated place. I have completed 5 songs so far and have shared 2 of them publicly on my website www.manasota.us.

If the Kickstarter succeeds, the vinyl will be pressed through United Record Pressing on ‘audiofile’ grade 180 gram vinyl with a full color sleeve and label. The funds on this campaign are for pressing costs, metal masters (required for pressing vinyl) and the cost of shipping the records from the factory to where they will be stored for shipping.

I would like to dedicate this project to mother nature, the small island of Manasota, and to all of those who have struggles with addiction in their lives. I hope to see it succeed and serve as an inspiration to all of those with addiction problems. Life still has many challenges, but sometimes good things do happen.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you decide to support this project.