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RPG Style MIDI Music [Rosegarden FluidSynth Linux]

Here’s a pretty 90s sounding ambient song that I could see in an old top down RPG in some exotic land. I composed the track in Rosegarden and used the Qsynth/Fluidsynth soundfont player for sounds. The soundfont is of a Kawai K1 Synthesizer. Dedicated to Fornax Void.

Buliding a Soundfont in Linux with Swami

I used these tutorials for learning how to create a soundfount in Linux enabling my MPD 24 to work great with Linux and Jack! Thanks so much to Linux Music for making these!

If you’re looking for a great ableton drum rack replacement that is open source, this will do the trick!

How to make Ardour and Jack work in Elementary OS LINUX DAW 101

This tutorial if for those who want to record music in Linux, but are having problems with Ardour3, or more precisely, the Jack Audio Connection Kit. In this tutorial I’m using the wonderful Elementary OS https://elementary.io/. But this should work in Ubuntu as well.
Jack nearly never works when first installed, hopefully this tutorial will change that for you. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Ahhhhh, the riddles of MIDI-OX demystified a bit. Transfer patches to old synths the free way!

How to transfer patches to and from your Kawai K1 synthesizer using Midi-Ox. You will need a usb midi connection to your computer, either windows and linux os, a kawai k1, and the program midi-ox. Download Midi-Ox from http://midiox.com/ get all my k1 patches here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/01rgro43b7lnmvf/AADMHJ7g0eXOOlO8BkO8aHZda?dl=0 for more info on the sysex format of the K1, and data on what you’d need to change for multi-patches and block dumps, check out page 10 of the wav data manual http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/OM/K_SYNTH/K1WAVE~1.PDF This is the reference I used to figure out my synth. Feel free to post any comments or questions and I’ll do my best to help out!

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