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Ahhhhh, the riddles of MIDI-OX demystified a bit. Transfer patches to old synths the free way!

How to transfer patches to and from your Kawai K1 synthesizer using Midi-Ox. You will need a usb midi connection to your computer, either windows and linux os, a kawai k1, and the program midi-ox. Download Midi-Ox from http://midiox.com/ get all my k1 patches here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/01rgro43b7lnmvf/AADMHJ7g0eXOOlO8BkO8aHZda?dl=0 for more info on the sysex format of the K1, and data on what you’d need to change for multi-patches and block dumps, check out page 10 of the wav data manual http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/OM/K_SYNTH/K1WAVE~1.PDF This is the reference I used to figure out my synth. Feel free to post any comments or questions and I’ll do my best to help out!

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