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Milkytracker Lessons | Chiptunes Tutorial | In depth look at Milkytracker

I came across this great group of videos about how to create music in Milkytracker. Milkytracker is a Fasttracker II clone that works on nearly every computing platform in existence. It is a music tracker, which means you compose music by aligning samples vertically within a hexadecimal marked grid that scrolls though patterns on the screen.

It’s different than modern midi sequencers and DAWs and is one of the oldest ways to compose music on a computer. Trackers are commonly used in creating chiptune style music because of their history in music creation for games and old computer systems.

I created a tutorial a while back on Milkytracker, but since then found some better ones than the one I made, or ones that are a little more in depth online so I thought I’d put together a playlist to help people get started in creating chiptunes with Milkytracker.

Getting Started With Milkytracker | Milkytracker Tutorial 101

easy milkytracker tutorial

This is a basic getting started tutorial for the music tracker program Milkytracker. Covered in this tutorial are setting up the screen resolution, loading samples and setting up instruments, creating a basic drum beat, creating a pattern with drums, bass and lead parts, auditioning samples, and setting instrument volume.

Sample packs used in this tutorial can be downloaded here http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/free-music-samples-download-loops-hits-and-multis-217833/65 and here http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/free-music-samples-download-loops-hits-and-multis-217833/70 if you need to download Milkytracker itself, do it here http://milkytracker.org/?download

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