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1980 track by track video of making music for Urusei Yatsura! (Classic Anime)

from アナログシンセサイザーを作って弾くテレビ

“Making scene from animation Urusei Yatsura’s BGM.

Around 1980, I composed BGM of TV animation “Urusei Yatsura”.
In this video, I played “Urusei BGM (Title=Sore Ike Yare Ike Dai Tsuiseki 1)” with analog synthesizer in real time.

Part 1 : Rhythm (Roland CR-78 & SH-2)

Part 2 : Bass & Chord (YC-45D)
YC-45D has many effects… First I used Vibraphone preset. Then change preset and used Fuzz chord sound with auto Wah effect. Left hand still play Bass manual keyboard.

Part 3 : Sequencer (Casio VL-5)
VL-5 is curious keyboard! It has bar cord reader pen. This pen can read accompaniment phrase from printed book.

Part 4 : Melody (Roland SH-2 & Promars)
I changed 2 VCO’s interval of Promars (look annotation).

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