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Why marketing your music doesn’t matter and you should stop wasting your time doing it

The internet is full of stuff…. all kinds of stuff. There’s factual information, news, fake news,, smart people, crazy people, forums, shopping, movies, social media… and music. There’s too much actually. Way too much for anyone to ever see all of it. Way too much to even see 1% of it! Way too much to even see .001% of it! Seriously! That’s an insane amount of stuff!

So why are you driving yourself crazy and spending all of your time trying to get .000000000000001% of them to maybe listen to your music and then .0000000000000000000001 of those people to possibly follow up and buy, stream or listen to more? Are you spending all your time on instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, tiktok, tumblr, like some desperate child in need of attention grasping at straws in some pathetic attempt to get a ‘name your price’ bandcamp sale?

Stop.. Just stop it. It doesn’t matter. No really, it doesn’t. I’m not saying don’t put your music out there, by all means do. Make it accessible, get it on all the streaming services, and places people can find it, but then stop screwing around trying to ‘make’ people listen to it. They won’t or they will. Tricks, gimmicks, hashtags and other nonsense aren’t going to help you at this stage. I don’t care what anyone says. What will help you is making the best possible music your are capable of.

Instead of wasting your time on 9 billion social media platforms, pick one or two and post completed work there consistently. That’s all. Once you post, forget about it, and move on to making the next thing. Make it better than the last thing, finish that then post it, forget it and repeat.

If you make a great product that resonates with people, they will find it. If you spend all your time on social media ‘marketing’, you’re not a musician, you’re a social media marketer. Is this what you want to be? If nobody finds your music, so what? Do you like it? Good.. keep doing it. Do it good. Put it out there and people will find it or they won’t. You can’t force them.