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Feel enlightened as you listen to renaissance music performed on 1980s synthesizers

Futuristic classical sounds like these just might make you feel like you’re living inside an early 1970s computer animation, or in some alternate reality past where robots played classical music. Either way there’s something that is incredibly pleasing about this music.

Synth player, Ray M. Blanchard put together this amazing playlist of material he had been recording for 30 plus years! And here’s what he had to say about it- “This compilation consists primarily of Renaissance music played or rendered on various kinds of synthesizers, the earliest being pieces I made in the 1980’s using the Yamaha CX5M music computer. In a few cases I also built the sound “from scratch” in software. For this playlist I have excluded all tracks that sound, at least to me, like recordings of acoustic instruments. Apart from that constraint, the tracks represent a variety of sonorities. I made these tracks, as an amateur, for my personal pleasure, and I am happy for others to use them for their own legitimate purposes.”