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What is Synthwave?

Synthwave is a type of electronic music that is mostly instrumental and heavily influenced by 1980s music, particularly 80s movie soundtrack instrumental pop songs, and is sometimes combined with elements of French House music. Many songs feature a sequenced saw wave synth bass line, with a huge reverberated and deep snare drum sound. This type of drum sound was very popular in the 80s.

It is generally upbeat but at times can go to more experimental territory. Similar types of music are also called Dreamwave, Retrowave, and Chillwave. The differences between these genres are small and pretty interchangeable.

It is a great type of music to listen to while driving, or in headphones while traveling around the city, since it provides a cool “soundtrack” to whatever may be taking place around you.

I really enjoy Synthwave and decided to put together a playlist of some of the best stuff out there as of 2015.


is it 1985 or 2015? You decide!


What happens when you mix transforming robots to dancing synthesizer girls set to futurist synthwave?

Something like this.