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Robocop, It’s deeper than you thought

I always liked the film Robocop, even though it is a bit too violent in my opinion. However hearing the director’s reasoning for the violence actually did make me have a new perspective on it. Here’s a pretty fascinating short film about the film that’s very worth the watch.

Robocop 2014 far better than expected and much better than the reviews suggest

The new Robocop just made it onto Netflix and last night I decided to put it on just for the heck of it. I am a huge fan of the original and I must admit that I was one of the people strongly bashing this film when it was released in theaters because of what I expected to be a terrible movie. It was not a terrible movie however. I would even go so far to say that it was a great movie and one of the best Scifi flicks I’ve seen in some time.

When I first started the movie, I had my laptop in my lap and figured I’d just play it in the background while I worked because I wasn’t expecting too much, but within the first 10 minutes of the film, I closed my laptop and was like, damn. I think I want to pay attention to this.

Much is changed, but they kept key elements in place. A horribly wounded cop gets transformed into a cyborg as a corporate experiment and is being used as a political tool to sway the public’s opinion.

I don’t want to give too many spoliers because I think you should see the movie, so instead I’m going to touch on a few reasons why most people thought this remake was going to be horrible (including me) and tell you why it’s not in regards to those.

  1. The PG-13 rating – Many people were annoyed that their beloved disturbingly violent Robocop was becoming more kid friendly. I can honestly say that though there is less gore in this film. Much of it I found more disturbing than the original. It took on an almost David Cronenberg approach and has a very strong element of “Body Horror”
  2. The black Robocop – Actually when the film starts out and for the first half he’s still silver and the end he is made silver again. The black was suggested by the Michael Keaton (the main villain of the film) to make him appear more “tactical”
  3. Total Recall remake sucked so Robocop will too – Yeah, Total Recall did suck, but if we go back to the 80s and think about The Fly (Cronenberg Remake of the classic Vincent Price Scifi flick) It was a far better film than the original. I’m not saying that Robocop 2014 is better than the original, but it is at least just as good. It surprisingly relies less on action and more on character development and story, then inserts action scenes in key moments to maximum impact.
  4. Hollywood is running out of ideas – well not really, Hollywood has plenty of ideas. It’s the public who decide what Hollywood makes with their wallets. If you want more thought provoking original movies, support those types of movies. Robocop 2014 is thought provoking though, so check it out.
  5. Why would I want to see the same movie again? – Well, the concept is similar, but this is actually a very different movie. They made it its own thing entirely and is just a good movie with excellent story, acting, and special fx. It does not rely solely on CGI but uses it in ways that enhance the plot. The acting is top notch and action is well balanced with story.

robocop 2014 better than original