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Synthesizers and Electroncis with Live Drummers On YouTube

I’m thinking there needs to be a genre for this stuff. Dunth? Sums? Drumwave? Basically what I’m talking about is music that is mostly electronic either with synths or laptops, and with live drums, kinda like a lot of the stuff I make. I was poking around youtube and trying to find more like-minded drummers and decided to put together a playlist of the stuff I thought was cool. I put myself in there a bit too.

Put this on your TV or huge monitor with good speakers and enjoy!

If Tim and Eric made a tutorial on how to use Synthesizers, this would be it

The info in this series is actually quite informative, but at the same time the video is hilarious and looks like something off of Tim and Eric.

One Youtube commenter stated it best when he wrote “I love those awkward pauses where he just stares at the camera, like they missed an edit point. Combined with his sidelong glances and that painted on beard, and this is just golden.”

haha, pretty much sums it up.

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