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What happens when you mix transforming robots to dancing synthesizer girls set to futurist synthwave?

Something like this.

I stopped by the studio with Key Rings, I think they liked me, what do you think?

Dancy break-up song with an 80s vibe and a modern touch!

It’s time for a Demonic Sweaters original track! This song is called Sculpted View and was written, recorded and performed in its entirety by me. It is about when you trust somebody and think you know them, but turns out you don’t! The video was shot entirely on VHS! Here’s the lyrics:

I found you

and held you up in a sculpted view

you loved me

and proved me right

no matter the truth

and now my thoughts are changing, and maybe thinking that you don’t care

maybe never did

without an ounce of honesty

or a shred of decency

you crushed my truth

but I know inside you’re hurt

and there’s nothing but bloody dirt

trying to escape your pain

Sculpted View ©2014 Demonic Sweaters

If you like the song, get it on itunes, spotify, google music, etc…


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