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Vaporwave made on Amiga Protracker

Anthill Recordings has released 豪華漆 418, by deluxepaint 418, a vaporwave LP made entirely with Amiga Protracker. The classic 4 channel horizontal scrolling music tracker was one of the first of it’s kind, and can still be found online to run on Amiga emulators, or in MorphOS.

Samples played through the 8 bit, 32,000 hz Amiga give it an instant grittiness, which is one of the the things that makes 豪華漆 418 such an interesting sounding recording. It’s only $3 to download it in flac, mp3, or aac! So it’s totally worth the money!

deluxpaint 418 download

Awesome new song and vid from Shade (Sun don’t stay with me)

I love when sampling is done creatively. This is exactly what is going on here on this new single by Shade, and done so well with synchronized video by the good people at Welcome Beauty Sounds. This is very promising and can wait to hear the full album!

welcome beauty sounds