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Amazing 1980s VHS Macintosh and MIDI documentary!

There’s a lot of these old vids surfacing on youtube these days, but this is definitely one of the coolest ones I’ve seen.

I love Herbie Hancock’s song on here “Little by Little” I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If anyone knows if this is actually on a release of his anywhere, let me know!

Akai MPD24 Fingerdrumming – Panaphonics, the VHS-c Chronicles – Geeky Gigs #14

#14 of Geeky Gigs and more Vaporphonics. Ableton Live Intro with MPD24 on a single drum rack. Cut up some samples, added fx, played quite a bit with the grain delay in Ableton for this one. Recorded with my old Panasonic VHS-c cam and then cropped to HD in Vegas.
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If Tim and Eric made a tutorial on how to use Synthesizers, this would be it

The info in this series is actually quite informative, but at the same time the video is hilarious and looks like something off of Tim and Eric.

One Youtube commenter stated it best when he wrote “I love those awkward pauses where he just stares at the camera, like they missed an edit point. Combined with his sidelong glances and that painted on beard, and this is just golden.”

haha, pretty much sums it up.

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Casio Day! How To Play Your Casio Keyboard | VHS Rip 1989

Today is Casio Day on demonicsweaters.com. I’m post all Casio related posts all day, and to kick off the day, I’m sharing this hilarious “How to play your Casio keyboard” VHS rip from 1989.

Learn how to use the “tone bank”, the auto-rhythm feature, and how to rock out amazing 1980s sweaters. Or should I say Demonic Sweaters? 

casio guy

Dancy break-up song with an 80s vibe and a modern touch!

It’s time for a Demonic Sweaters original track! This song is called Sculpted View and was written, recorded and performed in its entirety by me. It is about when you trust somebody and think you know them, but turns out you don’t! The video was shot entirely on VHS! Here’s the lyrics:

I found you

and held you up in a sculpted view

you loved me

and proved me right

no matter the truth

and now my thoughts are changing, and maybe thinking that you don’t care

maybe never did

without an ounce of honesty

or a shred of decency

you crushed my truth

but I know inside you’re hurt

and there’s nothing but bloody dirt

trying to escape your pain

Sculpted View ©2014 Demonic Sweaters

If you like the song, get it on itunes, spotify, google music, etc…


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