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Amazing 1970s looping drum machine!

I stumbled across this amazing video of the Bandmaster Powerhouse drum machine, made in Scotland in the mid 70s that was a modified 8 track tape player that came with changeable tapes that featured different loops!

You could mix between loops, change the tempo and select different patterns. So basically it’s a fully analog tape looping drum machine! How cool is that? Not to mention it also sounds awesome.


Vintage Drum Machine | Free Roland CR-78 loop and sample pack download

free cr-78 drum machine loops


The CR-78 has always been one of my favorite vintage drum machines. Made famous by Phil Collins in the 1980s in brilliant mixtures of CR-78 with his incredible drumming, I think the sound of this machine is forever engraved inside of our heads. I’ll always feel like I’m cruising down A1A with Crockett and Tubbs in a Ferrari when I hear those smooth sounding wood blocks and filtered fuzzy snare drums.

Boxed Ear has offered up a great selection of free samples and loops from the CR-78 that you can download very easily from their site.

If for some reason that link doesn’t work, check my mirror.

Here’s the classic “In the air tonight” which uses the CR-78 as the main rhythm verse.

If you’re a super nerd, take a look at this CR-78 tee shirt below