Bitwig Studio, A New DAW on the rise! [Digital Audio Workstation]

With the new release of Pro Tools First coming out (The free version of Pro Tools), I can’t help but wonder if Avid is eyeing its possible new competitor, Bitwig Studio. Maybe they’re thinking if they get enough new people using the free Pro Tools, they eventually want to shell out the big bucks for the full version.

Bitwig is about half the price as the full version of PT, and it looks like there’s many cool features, like multiple output of VSTs, which allows you to sort of “sidechain” many different FXs in multiple ways. I will admit to not ever trying Bitwig myself, so I can’t speak more than just appearance, but it does look pretty interesting.

It’s also multi-platform, Mac, Windows, and Linux! Yes Linux! As a long time Linux user, this makes me happy. However for me, even though it’s cheaper than Pro Tools, $300 is still a pretty hefty price tag for the Bedroom Producer. I think there are some great very inexpensive alternatives out there like EnergyXT, Ardour and Reaper.

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