Nintendo will now pay you to make videos of their products!


nintendo will pay you to promote them

Something I’ve been talking with my friends a lot lately is how many large companies ignore the fact that it is all the creative people out there that are making their products so valuable. Nintendo has recognized this and is now even offering to allow Youtubers to use their copyrighted content to make videos and then even pay you 60 to 70 percent of the advertising revenue generated from the videos!

This is just an amazing idea in my opinion since now people can use so much of Nintendo’s great catalog of games, music, characters, etc… in their videos, which will help the creator get noticed, and help Nintendo for no doubt what is to be insane amounts of exposure by the huge gaming/musicmaking/top 10 listers community on Youtube. It really does seem like a win-win deal.

Nintendo is giving two options for sign-ups. You can sign you’re whole youtube channel over to them for 70% cut of the ad royalties, or on a ‘per-video’ basis for a 60% cut. Learn more here at Nintendo’s site!