The Lost Amiga Soundtrack of Lemmings!

As you know, I love all things Amiga, so when I found this, naturally I had to share it.

UPDATEI’m pretty sure this video is a fake. I was listening late last night after I posted it and clearly heard many familiar mods, such as the A-Team theme and Eleanor Rigby. This was most likely just mods on the same disk as the game and somebody got confused. That explains the statement where the original poster states they had to manually take the mod files out of a folder and put them in random order. Still kind of a fun listen, but highly doubt these songs had anything to do with Lemmings. Sorry for the bad post folks.

******************************************************************************************** “Here’s something you don’t see every day as Cauterize from EAB has come across an old 1990’s pre-release demo of Lemmings; which was a puzzle-platformer video game originally published by Psygnosis for the Amiga in 1991”

Source: Indie Retro News: The latest free games, indie games and retro news: Lemmings Pre-Release Demo – The lost Amiga soundtrack!

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