Opho Keys | The iPhone MIDI controller that teaches you how to play, plus its modular!

When I first saw this the first thing I thought of was Casio’s old light up key system several years ago that could teach kids how to play piano using a built-in learning system. The Opho Keys system is somewhat similar, but enhanced with a game-like app that will run on your phone or iPad that has a kinda Rock Band type interface.

The controller has some cool looking light up keys, is ultra portable, and can be connected together wirelessly with other Keys systems for expansion, as well as add-on modules to provide further expression controls. There’s also proximity sensors that allow you to change the octave without actually touching the unit. Pretty darn nifty.

Definitely a neat little item, and could be a great way to learn music and easy way to turn your phone into a synth!

Opho Keys

SourceĀ http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/05/ophos-keys-teaches-you-how-to-play-the-piano/

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