Sony is making a new "Supertape" that will store 185 terabytes worth of data!

185 terabyte cassette tape

Supposedly Sony is going to produce a new type of cassette tape that will hold 185 terabytes of data! Holy crap, that’s way too much data to even think about! But that’s what Gizmodo was reporting. Supposedly Sony’s new plastic fantastic will hold so much data, that you could fit 3 blue rays on a single square inch of tape!

This is achieved by creating a layer of magnetic crystals with some super-tech dark magic explained in more detail on the link below.

I wonder what type of mechanisim will seek through the tape? Will you have to fast forward and rewind to find specific data? How durable will this system be? Questions, questions, questions….. Will every song ever made fit on one tape?

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